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Brave the Elements with Celadon Road's Winter Skin Survival Pack

Brave the Elements with Celadon Road's Winter Skin Survival Pack 0

The winter can be harsh -- wind burnt cheeks, dry cracked hands, brittle hair, chapped lips. And it's not just those of us who spend time skiing and sledding that are at risk; winter weather also results in cranked up heaters and more frequent fireplace use, which means dry air in your home. That's where Celadon Road steps in. We've got a few great products, that when combined will bring you amazing skin year-round. Take a peek:

Lavender Laundry Detergent

With the essence of pure essential oils, it takes  only 1-2 tablespoons of Celadon Road's low-sudsing laundry detergent to work it's all-natural magic on any dreaded laundry mountain! Use in regular or high efficiency washers. (Dissolves in water for washing floors and walls too!) An all-natural family formula, this detergent was originally created to ease the suffering of a child with eczema aggravated by commercial laundry products.

    Body Lotion

    Soak in the essence of natural beauty with our body lotion. From its fresh, crisp scent to it's all-over soothing moisture, this proprietary formula of Certified Organic, naturally crafted, sustainably grown, therapeutic-grade essential oils will bring spa-inspired quality into your home daily! A little goes a long way with this ultra-rich formula.

      Argan Oil

      Magic in a bottle! With essential fatty acids, naturally occurring Vitamin A and free radical fighting Tocopherol, Celadon Road's Argan Oil protects and restores hair, skin and even nails.

      3 Reasons To Use a Face Mask, Right Now

      3 Reasons To Use a Face Mask, Right Now 0

      Incorporating a face mask  1 to 2 times weekly can have some surprising results, and not just for women.
      Oil...For Your Face?

      Oil...For Your Face? 0

      Remember the first time that you heard of face oils? You probably gasped in shock, wondering why anyone would want a skin treatment made from the very stuff you're trying to prevent. But believe it or not, adding the right oil to your skincare regime can actually help prevent a slick situation. The proper product can soothe skin, reduce fine lines and prevent breakouts -- and that's just what Celadon Road's Certified Organic Face Oil is created to do. Your skin will glow from circulation-stimulating, cell-growth encouraging jojoba and almond oils that owe their beneficial properties to powerful antioxidants, along with fresh, calming essentials like rosehip and clary sage.

      To help you get started we're sharing out favorite ways to leverage face oil and nourish gorgeous skin:

      1. As a night cap. After cleansing, warm a few drops of Celadon Road's Certified Organic Face Oil in your palm and massage gently into your face and neck. We also love to add a bit of moisturizer on top; try our Clearly Lemon or Age Defying Moisturizer for a special, green treat!
      2. Smooth sailing. Your face holds tension, and it shows! Use your facial oil to give yourself the ultimate facial massage -- even just five minutes can make a world of a difference. Start by adding a few drops to your palms and inhale deeply, extending the your breath as you let tension drain away. Next, using your finger tips, circle around your eyes, across your forehead and along your jaw-line. Work around tense areas with soft, sweeping movements as you literally smooth away the stress.
      3. Before you lather up. Protect, soften skin and enjoy the aroma of your facial oil by smoothing it over your face, and neck before hopping in the shower. Allow the oil to sink in while you run warm water, then enjoy a silky aromatic shower.
      Excited to give it a try? Be sure to locate a Celadon Road consultant near you to get your hands on a bottle!
      Beat the heat with these all-natural beach beauty must-haves

      Beat the heat with these all-natural beach beauty must-haves 0

      Memorial Day weekend is often seen as the unofficial kick-off to summer. With still two weeks to go, before the Summer Solstice, now is the perfect time to prep your beach bag with some of our very best all-natural sun-protecting solutions! We've rounded up our favorite green beauty products that will both safeguard and nourish your skin, hair and lips all season long:  

      Celadon Road SPF 30 Sunstick

      Perfectly compact + glides on clear = your new all-natural sunscreen BFF! With Celadon Road's SPF 30 Sunstick you can apply worry-free. Gone are the days of sticky white streaks, our Sunstick is perfect for face reapplications and better yet, the kids won't complain about having to rub it in. Did you know our Sunstick also smells great?! No chemical-laden smells, just pure coconut...umm, yum! It's nourishing too -- its list of organic ingredients includes essential oils that give your skin the extra loving attention it needs.

      And in case you missed it, all of Celadon Road's sunscreen solutions made the Environmental Working Group's list of recommended, safe, sunscreen products! The EWG Guide to Sunscreens makes it easier than ever to find the perfect sunscreen solution for you and your whole family, rating products based on their effectiveness, use of healthy ingredients and more. We're proud to say our sunscreen solutions all have scored a 1 - signifying that they are a top choice for sun protection, offer excellent UVA protection and include ingredients with low health concern.  

      Celadon Road Green Alligator SPF 15 Lip Balm Trio

      Smiley kids (and moms...and dads...) have happy lips! Formulated with the world’s tiniest lips in mind, Celadon Road’s Green Alligator Lip Balm uses only Certified Organic ingredients; meaning, this moisturizing stick of magic is free of GMOs, petroleum and gluten. Available in a set of three - Mixed Berry, Sweet Mint and Unscented -  this kid and eco-friendly lip elixir is sure to earn you smiles galore while offering much-needed sun protection.  

      Celadon Road Certified Organic Hair Oil

      For those of you who have ever doubted the idea that adding oil to your hair can actually be beneficial…meet your new secret weapon. Celadon Road Certified Organic Hair Oil features a near-miraculous combination of almond, jojoba, argan, citrus and other essential oils and is designed to slow hair loss, thinning and even greying, thanks to powerful antioxidants that also encourage new cells and strengthen hair to reduce breakage as it grows. Use it as a hot oil treatment while sitting poolside or at the beach, as an overnight hair mask, or a smoothing serum to tame your seaside locks.

      Taking Celadon Road with you to the beach? Tag us in your beach bag and summer vaca shots for a chance to be featured on our social media channels! We hope you all have a fabulous start to the summer season!