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3 Reasons To Use a Face Mask, Right Now

3 Reasons To Use a Face Mask, Right Now

Want to make you skin really glow? Well, Celadon Road has just what you need! By now, you've probably learned (or are currently practicing) a healthy skin care regimen, which typically consists of daily-use and weekly-use products...and a face mask should be included in your beauty arsenal!

Depending upon your skin, incorporating a face mask  1 to 2 times weekly can have some surprising results, and not just for women! Men can benefit from the extra skin love too. Check out our favorite reasons to use a face mask, pronto, as well as simple tips to get all those skin-loving benefits that you crave:

A deep clean is a great clean. Daily cleansing is crucial. Washing your face in the morning and before bed helps to remove dirt, makeup additional oils and impurities from the surface of your skin. But what about deep down below? Think about your day and what toxins you may come across - or are unknowingly putting on your skin. Maybe you were late to an appointment and had to rush up three flights of stairs. That mix of makeup, sweat and potentially chemical-heavy lotions are doing quite a number on your most precious organ. Masks are one of the easiest and most gentle ways to draw out impurities that are trapped below the surface of your skin.

Unclog stubborn pores. It's not just the toxins trapped below that you want to remove - it's also all those built up dead skin cells. Believe it or not, you have a lot of them accumulating on the surface of your skin, and they are pretty good at trapping unwanted oils and preventing a truly deep clean. As a mask removes debris from your skin, it also helps to unclog your pores too, including bacteria that can develop.

Glow baby, glow. Did you know that face masks can actively help to stimulate blood circulation? This includes the expansion and retraction of your skin's blood vessels. The end result is noticeably looking smoother and softer skin. Take pride in the hardening and removal of your face mask, knowing that a radiant glow isn't too far behind!

So now you know the benefits, but what about some tips! Applying a face mask isn't hard, but these beauty insights can make the results even more amazing:

  • Before applying your face mask, dab a small amount of eye gel or cream around the eyes. Why? The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas, by protecting it with a bit of cream, you prevent possible dehydration and dryness. Celadon Road offers an all-natural Reparative Eye Cream that uses earth-friendly vegetable emulsifying wax, shea butter, organic herbal infusions and other natural ingredients. Give it a try while applying your next face mask!
  • Having trouble removing your face mask? Try using a warm, wet wash cloth. Simply hold it over your face and gently press into your skin for a minute. This will help to soften the mask and make it easier to peel off and rinse.
  • Apply a toner afterwards! A very important step that many overlook, as the right toner will actually aid your skin in locking in all those wonderful benefits you worked so hard to achieve. Toner will also help your moisturizer penetrate deeper, for softer supple skin. Looking to soften some wrinkles, too? Add Celadon Road's Age-Defying Toner to your beauty mix.
Even better, our commitment to green, safe beauty means you can trust what you put on our skin. We carefully source organic ingredients to ensure our masks and scrubs give your skin the antioxidants, gentle cleansers and nutrients it needs.

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