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6 Simple, Natural Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter

6 Simple, Natural Ways to Stay Healthy This Winter 0

As the days start getting shorter and nights start getting colder, most of us are more prone to feeling under the weather this time of year. Not only are viruses more common, over 3 million people are affected by seasonal depression in the winter and fall.
Fortunately, there are a few natural, simple ways to help your body and mind stay healthy as the seasons change. 

Vitamin D

Shorter days = less sunlight, so it may be harder for your body to create enough vitamin D. A vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms including muscle weakness and fatigue. Vitamin D has also been linked to immune response and mood. Although you may not need to take a vitamin D supplement year round, taking this vitamin in the winter may help. 

Light Therapy

Not having enough sunlight can be responsible for not only vitamin D deficiency, but hormonal imbalances and sleep cycle issues as well. 

Light therapy can be done virtually anywhere, and requires little effort. A bright, full spectrum light without UV is simply set up and turned on. You can also simply make it a habit to sit near a sunny window or be outside in the sunlight each day.


In nature, other animals typically sleep more during the winter months. You may also feel less energetic than usual. Making sure you're getting a full 8 hours of sleep nightly lets you fully recharge while allowing your body to follow its natural rhythm. Have a hard time winding down? Aromatherapy might help: try any of our lavender products in your bedtime routine.

Immune Boosters

Certain supplements and vitamins can boost your immune system for extra protection. Specifically, vitamin C and zinc can help immune systems. Echinacea has also been shown to stimulate immune systems and fight inflammation. 

Hand Washing

Washing hands is the most efficient way of preventing illness. Hand washing can help prevent the flu and the common cold. Our foaming hand soap is a much-loved favorite that won't dry our your hands. Try lemongrass, lavender, or unscented.


Many conventional home heating methods can dry your skin and respiratory system out. This can lead to sore throats and dry skin. Drink at least 2.5L of water daily to remain hydrated and healthy. Healthy habit goal: keep your insulated water bottle with you throughout the day. 

The best way to stay healthy this winter is by being proactive. By following these easy tips, you can avoid illness and stay healthy this winter.
#CleanGreen: 'Growing' Fresh Air

#CleanGreen: 'Growing' Fresh Air 0

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air in our home is 2 – 5 times dirtier than the air outside. What’s an eco-conscious gal/guy to do? Well, the solution is at your fingertips, so get your green thumb on and buy some houseplants!

Houseplants are beautiful, yet powerful leafy superheroes that combat toxins in your home the all natural way; they purify and revitalize the air by removing chemical vapors and outputting clean air full of life-sustaining oxygen. Specifically, plants absorb airborne toxins through their leaves, and then deliver them down to the microbes living in the rhizosphere (the area of soil near plant roots which is filled with biological activity). Once the toxins are in the rhizosphere, the microbes that reside there are able to break down the toxin. The plants are not harmed or poisoned in the process.

In the book How to Grow Fresh Air, B.C. Wolverton lists the top 10 plants that have been shown to be most effective in reducing household toxins. They are:

  • Areca Palm
  • Lady Palm
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Rubber Plant
  • Dracaena “Janet Craig”
  • English Ivy
  • Dwarf Date Palm
  • Ficus Alii
  • Boston Fern
  • Peace Lily

Make it your goal today to beautify and purify your home with some plants. Then breathe a little easier. Looking for some more green, organic inspiration?

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#CleanGreen: Understanding the Toxins in Your Home

#CleanGreen: Understanding the Toxins in Your Home 0

Recently we talked about air quality and how to 'grow' fresh air. So by now, you’re probably wondering what brings these toxins into your home? Here are several toxins found in homes and the culprits that bring them in:
  • Household cleaners: contribute to indoor air pollution and, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, harbor more than 150 carcinogenic chemicals that can lead to birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. Consider replacing them with natural, organic, non-toxic products. The EPA reports that household cleaners increase the risk of cancer by 3 times.
So what's actually out there that is safe? Well, with so many harsh chemicals in today's leading cleaning supplies Celadon Road has made it our mission to bring the green back to clean. Why should you have to worry about leaving irritants behind, when the purpose of cleaning is to clean. Don’t sacrifice your nose or your family’s health for powerful cleaning action! Take Celadon Road's All Purpose Cleaner for example -- it emulsifies dirt, grease, and grime all while being organic, biodegradable and chemical free. Ideal for countertops, floors, cabinets, appliances, tiles, patio furniture, siding, cars, fabric and so much more, keeping a healthy, clean home is a just a bottle away! If you're interested in learning more about non-toxic, green cleaning supplies, feel free to browse our catalog here.
  • Formaldehyde: carpets, caulking, ceiling tiles, draperies, fabrics, facial tissues, grocery bags, floor coverings, gas stoves, grocery bags, paints, paper towels, permanent press clothing, upholstery.
  • Xylene/toluene: adhesives, computer VDU screens, printers, photocopies, floor coverings, particleboard, stains and varnishes, wall coverings.
  • Benzene: adhesives, ceiling tiles, printers, floor coverings, paints, particleboard, tobacco smoke, stains and varnishes, wall coverings.
  • Chloroform: chlorinated tap water.
  • Ammonia: cleaning products, printers, photocopiers.
  • Alcohols: carpeting, cosmetics, floor coverings, paints, particleboard, stains and varnishes
  • Acetone: cosmetics, nail polish remover, office correction fluid, pre-printed paper forms.
  • Pesticides: are harmful to pets, humans and the environment. Use organic pest control measures for home and garden instead.
But what about when you shop? If you can't always buy organic produce, have no fear, Celadon Road can help! Take the fear out of produce by safely remove pesticides, fertilizers, dirt, road grit, mold, fungi and wax from fresh fruit and veggies with Celadon Road's Fruit and Vegetable Wash. Made with Certified Organic ingredients, your family will get the natural nutrients they need without the worry of dangerous chemicals and debris. Spray it on, apply it with a brush or add it to a bucket of soaking produce, either way simply work-up a hint of foam and rinse.
  • Dust and dirt from outside: using a door mat cuts down the toxic lead dust levels in a home virtually in half and taking off your shoes before entering your home cuts the toxic dust down by 60%.
Keep in mind that smoke from cooking, using insecticides, plugging in a room freshener, or getting your carpets cleaned -- all these release chemicals that stay in your home LONG after you stop using them!
#CleanGreen: Introducing Celadon Road's Newest Products

#CleanGreen: Introducing Celadon Road's Newest Products 0

We are beyond thrilled to introduce you to the three newest ways that Celadon Road is helping you green your cleaning routine!
Beat the heat with these all-natural beach beauty must-haves

Beat the heat with these all-natural beach beauty must-haves 0

Memorial Day weekend is often seen as the unofficial kick-off to summer. With still two weeks to go, before the Summer Solstice, now is the perfect time to prep your beach bag with some of our very best all-natural sun-protecting solutions! We've rounded up our favorite green beauty products that will both safeguard and nourish your skin, hair and lips all season long:  

Celadon Road SPF 30 Sunstick

Perfectly compact + glides on clear = your new all-natural sunscreen BFF! With Celadon Road's SPF 30 Sunstick you can apply worry-free. Gone are the days of sticky white streaks, our Sunstick is perfect for face reapplications and better yet, the kids won't complain about having to rub it in. Did you know our Sunstick also smells great?! No chemical-laden smells, just pure coconut...umm, yum! It's nourishing too -- its list of organic ingredients includes essential oils that give your skin the extra loving attention it needs.

And in case you missed it, all of Celadon Road's sunscreen solutions made the Environmental Working Group's list of recommended, safe, sunscreen products! The EWG Guide to Sunscreens makes it easier than ever to find the perfect sunscreen solution for you and your whole family, rating products based on their effectiveness, use of healthy ingredients and more. We're proud to say our sunscreen solutions all have scored a 1 - signifying that they are a top choice for sun protection, offer excellent UVA protection and include ingredients with low health concern.  

Celadon Road Green Alligator SPF 15 Lip Balm Trio

Smiley kids (and moms...and dads...) have happy lips! Formulated with the world’s tiniest lips in mind, Celadon Road’s Green Alligator Lip Balm uses only Certified Organic ingredients; meaning, this moisturizing stick of magic is free of GMOs, petroleum and gluten. Available in a set of three - Mixed Berry, Sweet Mint and Unscented -  this kid and eco-friendly lip elixir is sure to earn you smiles galore while offering much-needed sun protection.  

Celadon Road Certified Organic Hair Oil

For those of you who have ever doubted the idea that adding oil to your hair can actually be beneficial…meet your new secret weapon. Celadon Road Certified Organic Hair Oil features a near-miraculous combination of almond, jojoba, argan, citrus and other essential oils and is designed to slow hair loss, thinning and even greying, thanks to powerful antioxidants that also encourage new cells and strengthen hair to reduce breakage as it grows. Use it as a hot oil treatment while sitting poolside or at the beach, as an overnight hair mask, or a smoothing serum to tame your seaside locks.

Taking Celadon Road with you to the beach? Tag us in your beach bag and summer vaca shots for a chance to be featured on our social media channels! We hope you all have a fabulous start to the summer season!