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5 Clean, Green Swaps Your Family Can Make With No Fuss

5 Clean, Green Swaps Your Family Can Make With No Fuss 0

Good health isn't something you can get from a fitness gadget or exotic berry - It's the result of many small, simple habits that improve your lifestyle. 

Creating a clean, green environment at home where your family spends so much time is a great place to start. 

These 5 simple swaps can help your family feel healthier - with no fuss!

1. Swap Snacks

Get more fruits and vegetables in by swapping processed snacks with fruits and veggies. It's easy to get your "crunch" fix and you have so many options, whether you're craving a sweet or savory snack. 

2. Swap Skincare

Many of the ingredients in personal care products are absorbed through the skin and are stored in our bodies - that's pretty scary when you consider that many of the preservatives and fragrances used in conventional products are linked to major health issues. Our award winning skincare line is nontoxic and is never tested on animals. 

3. Swap Candles

Candles are the new indoor health no-no - research shows that they can pollute the air in your home just as much as smoking cigarettes! Try solar lights or electric candles for ambiance.

4. Swap Household Goods

Many household cleaners are also made with toxic ingredients. That's why we formulate ours without toxins - so you can breathe easier! Check out the entire collection here. 

5. Swap Stress

Stress can impact your health in a major way, so don't forget to take some time to decompress when you need to - especially during this busy time of year.
#CleanGreen: Understanding the Toxins in Your Home

#CleanGreen: Understanding the Toxins in Your Home 0

Recently we talked about air quality and how to 'grow' fresh air. So by now, you’re probably wondering what brings these toxins into your home? Here are several toxins found in homes and the culprits that bring them in:
  • Household cleaners: contribute to indoor air pollution and, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, harbor more than 150 carcinogenic chemicals that can lead to birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. Consider replacing them with natural, organic, non-toxic products. The EPA reports that household cleaners increase the risk of cancer by 3 times.
So what's actually out there that is safe? Well, with so many harsh chemicals in today's leading cleaning supplies Celadon Road has made it our mission to bring the green back to clean. Why should you have to worry about leaving irritants behind, when the purpose of cleaning is to clean. Don’t sacrifice your nose or your family’s health for powerful cleaning action! Take Celadon Road's All Purpose Cleaner for example -- it emulsifies dirt, grease, and grime all while being organic, biodegradable and chemical free. Ideal for countertops, floors, cabinets, appliances, tiles, patio furniture, siding, cars, fabric and so much more, keeping a healthy, clean home is a just a bottle away! If you're interested in learning more about non-toxic, green cleaning supplies, feel free to browse our catalog here.
  • Formaldehyde: carpets, caulking, ceiling tiles, draperies, fabrics, facial tissues, grocery bags, floor coverings, gas stoves, grocery bags, paints, paper towels, permanent press clothing, upholstery.
  • Xylene/toluene: adhesives, computer VDU screens, printers, photocopies, floor coverings, particleboard, stains and varnishes, wall coverings.
  • Benzene: adhesives, ceiling tiles, printers, floor coverings, paints, particleboard, tobacco smoke, stains and varnishes, wall coverings.
  • Chloroform: chlorinated tap water.
  • Ammonia: cleaning products, printers, photocopiers.
  • Alcohols: carpeting, cosmetics, floor coverings, paints, particleboard, stains and varnishes
  • Acetone: cosmetics, nail polish remover, office correction fluid, pre-printed paper forms.
  • Pesticides: are harmful to pets, humans and the environment. Use organic pest control measures for home and garden instead.
But what about when you shop? If you can't always buy organic produce, have no fear, Celadon Road can help! Take the fear out of produce by safely remove pesticides, fertilizers, dirt, road grit, mold, fungi and wax from fresh fruit and veggies with Celadon Road's Fruit and Vegetable Wash. Made with Certified Organic ingredients, your family will get the natural nutrients they need without the worry of dangerous chemicals and debris. Spray it on, apply it with a brush or add it to a bucket of soaking produce, either way simply work-up a hint of foam and rinse.
  • Dust and dirt from outside: using a door mat cuts down the toxic lead dust levels in a home virtually in half and taking off your shoes before entering your home cuts the toxic dust down by 60%.
Keep in mind that smoke from cooking, using insecticides, plugging in a room freshener, or getting your carpets cleaned -- all these release chemicals that stay in your home LONG after you stop using them!